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Freescale Semiconductor, Inc. is an American semiconductor manufacturer. It was created by the divestiture of the Semiconductor Products Sector of Motorola in 2004. Freescale focuses their integrated circuit products on the automotive, embedded and communications markets. It was bought by a private investor group in 2006, and subsequently merged into NXP Semiconductors in 2015.

"Since Freescale were acquired by NXP, many people were kicked-off regardless of their competencies... Almost no career growth for engineers. Rather than working for company growth, managers seem to be running their own private shops" shared a former employee in

Another employee thinks working for Freescale is unsafe as young temps are hired to replace degreed engineers to do PM maintenance on equipment that are extremely outdated! This equipment can cause cancer.


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Former Employee - Design Engineer IV says

"Very poor, untrained, abusive, middle management who think that they own you, and therefore have the right to abuse you. "Our best resource is human" is not understood by Freescale in the slightest. On top of that HR's solution is to remove the victim and not the abuser. I recommend to avoid this company at all costs, especially if you have a family responsibility."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Senior leadership promoted beyond their capabilities Insecure leadership who only wanted people who would do whatever they asked"

Former Employee - Senior Engineer says

"Top Management focused on getting provate equity the valuation to minimize their losses"

Software Engineer says

"old procedures, slow moving company"

Software Engineer says

"No Training for new employees No proper management decision hierarchy Politics deep rooted Hires in bulk without keeping in mind the requirements Only seems to show off itself with all the events and activities."

Maintenance Technician says

"If your not a yes man and not a good ole boy, your in trouble."


"People who have been there forever are not open to change. Business units are segmented which causes unnecessary waste. North Austin location closed down."

Senior Test Engineer says

"Dysfunctional, always reorganizing, short term planning, unhappy environment and your inevitable layoff will occur eventually when you least expect it"

Former Employee - Senior Product Engineer says

"Antiquated computer systems/processes. Company rotting from the inside."

Engineer says

"Too many lay offs. low morale"

Contract Employee (Former Employee) says

"hated working there management was not equal on rating employees jobs. all base on who you knewdays offworkings days"

Bay Specialist (Current Employee) says

"The bay I was in when I started was run by foreign operators/trainers who were hard to understand, lacked people skills and used intimidation and degrading behavior as part of their training.The leads and supervisors could care less about any work issues you might have.I am still employed here and the most enjoyable part of the day is still leaving the job site at the end of the shift.walking 10-15 miles a day while at workcompressed work schedule"

Senior Associate (Former Employee) says

"A job from 5 a.m. to 5 p.m. 3 days one week and 4 days the next. Lots of work time as well as time off. I learned to multitask by running different machines that would run in different time limits. Management was horrible do to the fact that nothing ever got done when asked for help. there was too much i can do but not do it. Always in a hurry to assume then know. Co-workers were OK. The hardest part was doing minor maintenance on the machines as you would have to maintain on continuous product flow. The most enjoyable part of the job was overtime, double time, time off and the holiday pay.On and off work schedule, holiday pay plus O.T. and D.T.Unprofressional management"

Drafter 3/ Reticle designer (Former Employee) says

"27 years working at Freescale/Motorola with a Performance Review that meet or exceeded expectations which does not matter at layoff time. They except over time with out pay so dead lines can be made. Motorola recognized hard work with recognition awards. Got very few from Freescale.Good insurance benifits.Many extra hours working with no recognition."

Product Engineer (Former Employee) says

"Tolerable place to work until you get laid off without warning. Product definition on a large is done with a shotgun approach - flood the market with hundreds of part number and they see what sticks. Very inefficient from a resource allocation standpoint. The semiconductor industry has an oversupply of workers especially in the Austin area, and Freescale exploits this to their fullest. They will keep employees until they get too expensive, then lay them off. Layoffs are an ongoing epidemic. They are kept at low but frequent pace so they don't have to make announcements.enjoyed working with my co-workersPoor mid to upper level management - opaque strategy to resource allocation, if there is one"

Contract Employee (Former Employee) says

"Great Company,But Management lacks People skills.i was Certfied on 57% of thier tool set in my 2+ yrs i was there.I most likely would never work for them again unless they restructure. There Management or leadership In chandler Az.People are not happy and employees get no support from UpperManagment. When Employees do a great job they Dont even get a ( good job )from Management.Most employee are just bitter and have givven up on Freescale. I believe if the Employee is happy the company's profit go up ...... Mr. LOWE(CEO) please consider being an Undercover BOSS ... Freescale could use an Audit from an Ind.Company to asset the damage management has done at FREESCALE INC ( Chandler AZ ) sitelots of worklayoffs every yr."

Sr. Electronic Technician (Internal Repairs) says

"Difficult work environment, management is indifferent (and you are looked down upon) to employees. Told to never talk to Supervisors/Managers (or anyone else) in work area. First day on the job, said Hi to my new boss, and was almost written up, and told to never talk to him again. Pay is dismal compared to work experience/education.NoneCafeteria food sucks, regular employees hate contract workers."

Analyst (Former Employee) says

"Company politics will determine your career at Freescale."

Program Manager (Current Employee) says

"Freescale has had a progression of senior leadership teams that acted as pirates, successively pillaging what remains of the company. The company doesnt seem to treat any of its stakeholders well (customers, stockholders, employees or suppliers). As a result, market position has slipped from top 3 to barely in the top 20 in the past 16 years. There is some hope that the latest CEO has established a vision and brought in a team that will finally stay for a while and reap what they sow. With a few exceptions, the new team seems pretty solid. At least they all live in the right locations, which hasn't been the case for the previous 2 regimes. Revenue and profitability are finally trending up, but there is still a lot of work and difficult decisions ahead.Company finally paying bonuses againPassive aggressive, lose-lose culture"

OPERATOR (Former Employee) says

"I learned how to run most of the tools. The management was unorganized. I did like all the co workers whom became real close friends. The hardest part of the job was walking between 8-12 miles a day. The most enjoyable part of the job was 6pm when we went home.we did have two 45min breakswe were treated like robots"

Equipment Technician III (Current Employee) says

"Difficult work environment, management is disconnected from employees.Decent paystressful, long hours, management is disconnected from employees."

Engineering Technician I / Diffusion (Former Employee) says

"Communication always need improvement just like any other company. Hardest part is being on your feet for 10 hours. They do how ever give out gift cards and tend to cater to the employees for appreciation."

Verification Engineer (Former Employee) says

"Little to nothing to say about this. Always hampered by more senior engineers trying to protect their positions from younger engineers. If you were mid level it was impossible thereN/aN/a"


"Towards end of Freescale / NXP merger, Design / Product / Quality Engineers leaving for stable employment. Basically NXP letting the FSL wireless network business fold."

Fab Worker (Former Employee) says

"It was okay for what they expected from you. Very easy to work no challenge."

Manufacturing Associate (Former Employee) says

"I am not so much a corporate person on a manufacturing level. But I work hard and love over time... I spent 12 hours a day working and then come back for more. Good money but upper chain of command was lacking."

Design Verification Engineer (Former Employee) says

"The work/life balance is above average, but the company is not known for good compensation. Lately it seems more jobs are moved to less expensive part of the world. The more money you make, the bigger target you are for layoff."

product eng (Former Employee) says

"Colleagues fun to work with. Fast moving pace of projects keeps you focused.some flexible work times, salary competitive to work loadnot enough emphasis on engineering more on presentations"

Photolithography Process Engineer C3 (Current Employee) says

"Motorola culture has been carried over which is not effective for employee growth."

Production Operator (Former Employee) says

"I was contracted to work for this company, so I was not entitled to the benefits of a regular employee. Sometimes it would be busy for a period of time, but when the work flow was low. The contracted employees were laid off. I enjoyed working with my co-workers. The hardest part of the job is when the work load was low and you had to find ways to keep busy.It was a full-time job.I was contracted to work for company."

Richard Humphries says

"Ordered an item 9 days ago, after waiting 7 days I contacted their customer service department and was informed the item could be missing in transit, they said it could take 10 days to track the item. Requested a refund which I still haven’t received. Aftercare service is pretty shocking, the person I spoke to was quite rude.."

TS says

"Extremely poor service. Zero stars if possible They have repeatedly sent me damaged goods despite explicit instructions to pack well. Poor communication btwn their sales teams and warehouse logistics leading to multiple order failures. Warehouse logistics are extremely poor it seems anything goes there. I have spent many many hours sorting the issues out, still waiting for my complete order to be fulfilled without damaged goods. Tired of returning and receiving and returning and receiving... They still owe me a refund. On the one plus side their sales team are helpful (Ben is v helpful) but theyve been massively let down by internal dynamics. No compensation for time /energy lost as a result. Zero stars reflect overall customer experience"

Mr R Taylor says

"I have always rated CPC, however, I recently purchased a Bluetooth amp'. It was I thought reasonably priced so I ordered it. Later that day I looked on Amazon only to find a newer model was available at 60% the price CPC were charging. I went on line and checked the status of my order, which said being processed. I contacted CPC via email and asked to cancel the order, a day later they replied and said I was too late as it had been processed, a day after that I got an email to say it was despatched. After I received the item I looked to return it, but with a 30% restocking figure and postage I will keep it and give it away. Moral of the story: Look on Amazon first!"

colin walkden says

"For one of the bigger companies that i have been dealing with for many years. There is always shortages in my deliveries .We tend to by a lot of batteries from them as well as other parts and the batteries always are missing from the order. When it comes to customer service this is disappointing. prices are far and cheaper than some of my other suppliers but will little customer support i always tend to deal with my other suppliers first and use this company as a last resort . Its a pity as i have been dealing for over 40 years .yet the parent company Farnell i have no problems and would rate them 5 star no complaints"